I just want my baby back!!!!!!!😭

I miscarried at 5 wks 3days and it has been almost 3 weeks since its happed but a day doesn’t go by that my heart doesn’t literately hurt! My DH and I had only knew for a week but that was the best week of our lives! Since then we’ve both been struggling with depression so bad... His brother and wife are currently pregnant and she seems to enjoy rubbing it in my face that she still has her baby and I don’t... I don’t like to be around her because it hurts seeing her little belly and then I find myself getting so angry that I lost mine and she hasn’t had any problems at all! (I don’t want them to have problems). It took us 4 months for this baby and we was beside our selves then she told me that she just got off of her birth control and it happened. Likes its no big deal! They aren’t appreciating the little miracle they have!! Everyone is expecting me to just get over it and move on but I don’t know how! I’m just trying to do what I can to get through the day!! I wake up with the same hurt EVERYDAY!! I wake up feeling empty and lonely..... I just need my baby back!! I feel like I’m about to lose my mind!