Me and my boyfriend have been trying to conceive for almost a year now. After being on and off the depo shot for 7 years it took almost 11 months to get my cycle back regular.... first normal cycle was in October. I started taking prenatal vitamins to help in restoring my torn apart body ( due to depo lol) I tested every month since couldn’t really understand the ovulation test so I said for get those. I even ordered a product called conceive easy I took 2 pills and eventually just said I’ll leave it up to god when he’s ready he will help in giving us what we really wanted... so since my last period my nipples have been SUPPPPPPEEEER sensitive I didn’t wanna jump conclusions but took a test anyway ... it was negative which kinda broke my heart, so then I waited like normal people for my cycle to be missed I have 5 <a href="">period tracker</a> apps and all say 5,4,3,2 days late. The last couple nights I haven’t been sleeping so this morning when I finally woke up this happened ......... but I wanna surprise him and my family so I told you guys first .... DONT EVER GIVE UP ❤️❤️❤️