Prayers please


Hey mamas I’m so completely overwhelmed and I know everyone has a lot going on and I’m trying to keep it all together but the last two weeks have just done me in and it’s not getting better other then stressful by the day.

My grandma passed away last week and then we just found out my husbands grandma passed away Tuesday and I got diagnosed Tuesday with gestational diabetes again and now having to close my in home daycare more and more for all these added appointments and hoops I have to jump through plus a funeral and financially it’s hurting us and they are sending me to a specialist 45 mins away and so have to find someone to watch my son and I just feel like I’m drowning and so ready for this baby to be here which they set my repeat csection for March 26 and I have so much to get done in between all this. Sorry for the long post just drowning and doesn’t seem to be getting better especially struggling to sleep.