One day pity party πŸŽ‰


Last month I did everything right! I tracked my ovulation with tests knew exactly when I was ovulating had sex. Thought maybe just maybe it worked. But that stupid bitch Aunt Flo came to visit yesterday. I allowed myself one day to be depressed and cry. Today I’ve pulled myself together to focus on my feminine health (I get chronic yeast infection and they like to show up with Aunt Flo) I know yeast infection can lead to miscarriages so I want my body ready to host a healthy pregnancy! So I’m drinking pure cranberry juice! Maybe I’ll go pick up some yogurt I’ve stopped drinking soda! I won’t be tracking my ovulation this month but we will be having tons of sex! Im shooting for my Halloween baby!!! Praying for my two pink lines this month!!! Baby dust to everyone trying, May your dreams come true!!

Update: someone asked what cranberry juice is good for! It helps with UTI, yeast infections, BV, kidney stones! Then I googled this!