I want him to hurt like im hurting

I wan to break up with my toxic boyfriend, but a part of me wants to do it only when we’re good cause i want him to miss me and regret treating me like shit. I dont know if its a trying to have the upper hand for once but when we’re fighting i know he hates me and wants nothing to do with me so breaking up is an option for me and he wont care. But i want him to realize that i was there for him through good and bad, i was caring put him first than anyone. I loved him and wanted the best for him, and let him vent out and forgive him when he would get angry and say mean things. I just want to break up with him when it would hurt him the most. Cause im going to be hurt when i do realize i want to officially end things, im going to be hurt when i realize that what we had wasnt love, he didnt truly love me and he would always give me empty promises. I want him to hurt too.