Am I having postpartum depression even after 9 months of birth?


I really don’t know if I’m having postpartum depression or what is going on with me and i just need other moms to talk to. I’m a young mom and i take care of my baby while going to a community college and going to work part time. Through all of that my mom watches him and his dad when he’s off work. I’m doing great managing all of it but i can’t seem to make myself happy. I’m so use to bottling everything up and brushing it off. I love my kid to death but it feels like I’ve completely lost myself and don’t care to keep myself up. I’m balling my eyes out as i write this because i don’t know what to do or how to make myself feel normal again. I feel like I’m okay on the outside but I’m always feeling blue on the inside and i feel like I’m starting to reach my breaking point and i don’t think i can take it anymore.