PIO injection allergy?


So, I've just started my PIO injections last night for my second FET since my first one failed. I didn't have a single issue with PIO the first time around and my last shot from that round was on Jan. 7th. Sunday I started getting itchy and bumpy where my injections go but it had been 2 weeks since my last one so I thought maybe it was a bug bite. I mentioned it to my nurse at my appt on Monday to see how thick my lining was and when transfer day will be and she said it's VERY unlikely to be an allergy to PIO since it's been two weeks and she said it didn't really look like a reaction she's seen before. I did my shot last night at 8:30 for the first time since my last cycle and this is what it looks like today

The other side that I haven't injected into yet looks like this

Do these look like allergic reactions to any of you? Has anyone had anything like this before? And lastly, should I wait until transfer day and show them then if it doesn't get any worse? I'm injecting where they told me-upper buttock area and it doesn't hurt while injecting and I massage it afterward to disperse the oil.