“If you don’t try, that’s when it will happen”

Arianna • HS sweethearts 🧔🏻👧🏻🎀 TTC #2 for 22months🧡🌈

In reality I just need a break from it all. From this app, from opk’s, from constant visits to the dr, from wishing and hoping that this month is my month when in reality even if I didn’t “try” it wouldn’t happen. If I am NOT ovulating even “not trying” will make it happen. So sick and tired of having hope month after month to then be told that even with the damn medication my body decided NOT to ovulate. I seriously never thought this journey would be this hard and my heart breaks for all of us having to have our hopes and dreams let down month after month. As a woman, isn’t our body “made” to reproduce? I guess some things will never make sense. And I wish everyone of you ladies that is struggling to even become a mother for the first time all the luck in the world. This journey seriously sucks everything out of you! It takes over your mind, over your life and sometimes walking away is best just to keep our sanity.

May 2019 be a better year for a lot of you struggling for a long long time. 🙏🏻💔