Family Problems


Hi guys my name is Lisa and I need so help! So long story short, my Fiancè proposed to me on New years <a href="">eve</a> in 2017. He made a mistake when he didn't tell my family that he was going to pop the question at our home. But instead told my cousin to tell family. And after he pop the of course I said yes, but I didn't know what was going on when my family came 25mins after he proposed to me. They were very pissed and very angry. And basically ruined the who engagement. Now since its 2019, my folks hasn't been very supportive to me at all. They haven't help me on looking for a venue, wedding favors, looking for flowers and nothing. I have my grandmother and aunt yelling at for not telling them that I got my dress and everything BUT! I left a voicemail and they love to change their phone number when a bill collector calls. And you pretty much get the rest of this situation. Drama Drama Drama Drama! Then My mother and I are not in speaking terms because she can't let go of with my Fiance did. And I just want to be happy! It's really hard finding the right guy that you wanna spend your life with. And because of his mistake, she is acting like a complete stranger to me than my mother. So on Saturday she called, and said that she miss me and that she is sorry that she was with my hell father and that's why I am angry at her? 🤔🤨 Soooooo I know that if she is using the Father card, she is not taking her responsibility for her actions and she is flipping things on me. So my father was an abuser and I let go of everything what he did too. So I can go on with my life. So what do you ladies think? So I should talk to her? Or nah? Because I know how she is going to use the Mother Card and because I am 25 year old adult, she stills think that I am a child still 🙄🙄 please help me!