Starting today is my chance of getting pregnant and I'm kinda nervous. 😥 This will be my 4th baby (6th pregnancy) but my 1st time trying. Lol. (I have 3 boys that was just by luck. Surprises they were!) But we're in hopes we will get a girl this time around. I've been extremely blessed with my boy and if we have another I'd be just as happy! But...

I've been reading up on ways to conseve a girl, Like no rough sex, taking a warm bath after intercourse, its best if the women doesn't enjoy the fun parts, and its best for the man to finish closer towards the exit, ECT.

Anyone have any methods to the madness? Lol.

This will be my last baby so I'm basically willing to do whatever to have a daughter! I'm the only girl in my house and it drives me crazy! My 3 sons, my husband, my dad and even our dog is a male. 😒