What kind of mucus is this πŸ‘€

Kyla β€’ I love my daughters and sons(r.i.p)and my husband had my 🌈 on 10-31-2019 r.i.p little nuggetπŸ’”

So early this morning(bout 1 am) I went to check my cervix because I had so much cm it made me feel wet down there. I felt my cervix it felt soft like really soft softer than I have ever felt before kinda positioned back a little bit not too much where it would be a bad thing took my finger out my finger was cover in this milky colored cm it wasn't tacky or sticky or creamy it was slightly stretchy sorta liquidy I'm in my fertile window. Last night it felt like I was ovulated or bout to because I had pain in my hip and and lower back pain. I've been super moody for the past two days(like period moody never been this moody during fertile window). I had so much cm I could hear it go drip drip in the toilet. Hubby and and I BD and fell asleep I woke up did my ovulation test still saying high fertility. Help!! What is going on? Please tell me my chances of pregnancy are super highπŸ‘ΆπŸ€ž the semen didn't start dripping out til few hours later while I was sleeping