Sticky situation.


So I’ve been dating this guy for a few months now. He seemed like a decent man a man of god actually. & i flocked to him because he was so wise & understanding but after finding out who he really is I’m disgusted. He’s dating multiple different women including ME. He’s having sex with multiple different women including ME. I found some of the girls whom he’s also dating right now & wondered if i should talk to any of them about it. Because he’s putting me at risk & them too. Even though i genuinely care about him & he’s helped me to realize a lot of things about myself. He’s not a good person at all & he’s a liar , the last time i was in a situation where i wasn’t the only one (sexually etc etc) I hesitated & didn’t act quickly enough for what i said to even make a difference. So what I’m asking now , should i tell them or should i stay quiet? I’m conflicted.