Help... I’m scared.

OK so I am really concerned for my parents I don’t live at home but my sister recently moved back in and it’s really starting to concern me because she is really abusive and she’s like mentally ill like she has a lot of problems and blames my parents for them and she’s threatening them she called the cops on them today. She’s threatening my mom she touch my mom like grabbed her wrist and twisted it she pushed her on her chest and she has a bruise from it now and she told her that she wishes she could drag my mom on the concrete and watch her bleed to death and she’s just talking about you crazy stuff and like she’ll randomly pull out knives and threatened her and it’s really concerning me and she smokes weed so my mom knows about it and my sister basically threatened her telling her that if she told the cops that she had weed that she was going to kill her with a gun and it’s just really concerning me because I don’t want anything to happen to my parents and my parents actually did called trying to get a restraining order on them but I’m just worried that if they do that then my sisters gonna get even more pissed and it’s a really concerning me a lot. She’s crazy and I’m scared if she finds out about the restraining order my sister will do something. They are kicking her out the house and giving her a 30 day notices and she doesn’t know it yet.