I must remember


That I am 9 months pregnant and I am not as flexible as I am normally!

Today is my 28th birthday and last night my husband and I were laying in bed watching Manifest on Hulu. No sooner did we lay down was he passed out lol. Sooo I watch 2 episodes and turn out the lights right after midnight (happy birthday to me) and I am suddenly in the mood like CRAZY!

I wake my husband up, he was thrilled of course because I never wanted anything this late in our previous two pregnancies. Since I wanted it I took the lead and did all the work... Best time this pregnancy hands down. All was fine and dandy until I tried to lie down afterwards...Holy f*** I couldn’t move! 😳 I have suffered from pelvic pain since 12 weeks but things have been a lot better lately and I thought I would be fine.

I couldn’t roll over in bed without feeling like my leg was being ripped off all night. All day I keep asking myself, WTF was I thinking! 😂 TOTALLY WORTH IT BUT HOLY HELL!

Man o man has my husband gotten quite a laugh from this one!!! 🤣