Am I crazy?

Here’s my story. I know I’m pregnant this cycle because of my symptoms, I only get when pregnant. I am 11dpo currently and have been getting positives on every test I take since 9dpo. They have been darker today. I got bloodwork done yesterday: yesterday I got these two tests.

read them at 5 minutes and followed alllll the directions. Plus I’ve had my share of negative/positive tests. These are only two of the positives I’ve gotten, and I’ve gotten many faints for the last two days.

So i get my bloodwork back this morning and my hcg was below two. Wtf! My progesterone is SKY high... this never happens unless I’m pregnant.

I am actually the nurse manager for a birth center so that makes me feel even more like a wacko.

Then tonight I come home and test and I just got this....

I took those pictures at 3 minutes.

So then I cracked open another frer and got this:

Has anyone ever had their bloodwork show up later? Again, I work for an obgyn and haven’t heard of it happening often... but I am just so confused and defeated.

help. Please.

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