Abnormal female karyotype


Hello everybody my name is Kathy! First time I got pregnant was about 3 years ago and I had a molar pregnancy. Last year in April I had a miscarriage 11weeks. We’re trying to conceive now and I got a genetic test because everything else was good. I’m only 29 and I’m good health. My sister had her first baby two years ago. His name is joshua, he was born with hypospadia. Short arm on chromosome 8 and longer arm on chromosome 13. He has very low muscle tone but he’s out miracle baby. We know he will be a good strong man! But anyway my genetic test came back today and I have the same genetic issue as Joshua... but I don’t have any of the complications as him. the doctor told me that could be the reason for me having a miscarriage and not being so fertile. The genetic counselor is going to call me in a few days .. I’m so upset.. I decided to post this if anyone out there has the same issue as me and can give me some information about it. I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you guys!