I’m so scared and frustrated

I was on a 14 day cruise which my doctor approved. I’m currently 15w 6d. And my first and only ultrasound was at 5w4d

I had bleeding like 2 days into my cruise and saw the in board doctor who said if there’s no pain it should be ok.

I’ve just got back now and made an appointment with my doctor but he can’t see me for 2 weeks. And then after the doctors appointment it’s typically another two weeks to book in for an US.

My local US clinic only accepts doctors referrals

I just want to know my baby is ok.

A close friend recently had bleeding and went to the ER all they did was take her BP and urine sample and made an US appointment for a week later. She ended up losing her baby the next day heavy bleeding and pain.

I’ve had light cramping at my upper left rib area but i think that’s just from constipation.

I just feel like I’m sitting around waiting.