Im fed up

Me and my boyfriend have been together a little over a year. Something that has always been a problem even in the beginning is he never keeps me updated. He makes plans and doesn’t tell me until he’s walking out the door. Other times, he doesn’t tell me at all. He just goes missing for a few hours then he pops back in and acts like he never left. For example, one night I went to go shower. I came back and he wasn’t answering my my calls or texting back, I assumed he fell asleep. I woke up to him calling, saying he went out with his cousins and that they got arrested for smoking at the park. I don’t think he’s out cheating or doing sneaky shit, i trust him, and his story’s always check out. I just wish he would keep me updated.. I begin to overthink and worry about him and his safety when he just disappears. I’ve told him how I feel numerous of times yet nothing changes ): it makes me feel like he doesn’t respect me or care about me.

am I being too clingy or overprotective? Any advice / insight would be very appreciated. Thanks for reading ❤️