Vegetarian with twins.


Hello friends!

I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 6 years. I also don’t eat cheese and milk, but I do have an occasional egg.

I’m tall (177cm) and 60kg and I am very comfortable with my diet and my eating schedule.

We’ve just found out that we are having twins, and while I do think my diet is healthy, I’ve started to worry that I might not get enough protein to grow two human beings 😟 Protein powders are out of the question - I can’t swallow them🤢

And I’m struggling now to actually consume more food than what I used to eat before.

What i want to ask, I guess, is:

did any of you go through a similar thing with food during twin pregnancies? Have you monitored your protein? If not, did your kids turn out fine?😅

That’s my first pregnancy, as you can probably tell 😂