Please no bashing

Ok so how do i share my boyfriends location from his phone to mine without him knowing i think he's been lying to me about where he's been and i read stories on here where they do that but how?

Yeah I'm not breaking up with him I love him Just don't trust him we're in a fragile state

None of y'all are helping and no I should be the one leaving he's cheated on me so many times in the past so honestly it wouldn't surprise me if he is lying but he's trying to change and I see that but I ain't there yet


Ok so update he has been lying but not cheating he's been going and getting high and drunk I called the place he says he was at and was texting him at the same time they said he hasn't been there and I asked him about it while he was gone he would only read my text not respond but he came home puking his guts up and i found it hilarious I got into his Facebook he's been running off with his buddies for the past 3 days and lying about it