So i created this group for the ladies out there who need someone to talk to and who feel alone. I had a 1st trimester misscarriage and everyone kept saying it happened for a reason or at least you know you can get pregnant but I'm angry like why did this happen to me did i do anything wrong, what did i do to deserve this i was so angry, i was angry at my self, at God, at my friends who were having babies, but i was just hirt and i didn't know how to let the pain out i had no one to talk to besides friends and family who didn't understand and the one friend who did wasn't there. Ladies it's hard but i want you to know you are not alone in this and you have people to talk to if you need someone. The hurt doesn't disappear completely but the days do get better sometimes and it's the people around you even if some dont inderstand that make it all the more better. So ladies please talk abd don't bottle it up inside of you because it doesnt make it better scream if you need to and don't forget ladies that it's ok.