Help - need support!


I’m 38, just got my blood results back after day 3 testing. My tubal X-ray was great, my ultrasound showed I had the normal amount of eggs and then my blood results come back. I can’t meet with doc for almost 3 weeks till he’s back from vacation and I know I shouldn’t google...all my blood work was normal except for one abnormal result - FSH which is an indicator of egg quality. It’s high. Normal is less than 10. I have a 14. Anyone else conceive on their own after getting all these normal results but the sort of high FSH results? I’ve been reading this usually means egg donation of a couple is ok with that.

I’m silently crying at my desk right now. Help! Been trying since 7/2016, miscarried in 1/2018 and had no luck since. Pic in comments of my blood work.