Cosleeper or crib in the bedroom?


I'm not sure how to go about the sleeping arrangement for my 2.5year old and when i'm due my daughter will be 3. 😅😵 My daughter has a playroom but she's still sleeping with us, even after she stopped nursing at 2.5yrs old.. the usual routine would be bath, read books with dad and we both dont mind snuggling up to her, she doesnt bother our sleep. I can be quite a heavy sleeper so at the moment i feel like not ready to move her to the next room on her own.. although i'm sure she'll be totally fine, mom anxiety. 😣🙈

I'm not sure if i should set up a crib in my room or her playroom cos im sure she'll try to climb in it.. of course i will tell her that the bed belongs to her baby brother.. i like the pack and play cos i can move it around the rooms.. 🤷🤦

Hope i can get some advise on how to find a sleeping arrangement that works with a newborn.. and pls dont suggest to me to cry it out with my 3year old.. my hubby is really not comfortable with that.. 🙈 Sorry this was long!