Would you be mad if your boyfriend signed a lease on an apartment with two females without even talking to you?

So a little context, my boyfriend is moving out of his dorm and into an apartment with two females that neither of us know. He knew this ahead of time, knew I’d have some reservations, but signed the lease anyways without talking to me first, or even telling me after. I found out on my own.

I wouldn’t have asked him to find a different place (this one is honestly a steal and very good for him) I just feel like he disregarded my feelings by not talking about it with me.. just a little heads up would have been nice. A “hey this apartment will be with two girls, how do you feel?” would have been better than not saying anything and me finding out on my own after the fact. He thinks I’m overreacting.


Edit: we’ve been together nearly 3 years.

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