When should I test again ?


I have a 37 day cycle according to glow. I tried opk Tests every few days but I could never find get a positive so we had sex every other day since the last day of my period. Glow says I ovulated the 25th I’m 6 days from my period. I’m about 8-9 dpo. I took one of those 6 day sooner tests and o got a negative. When should I tests again? Anyone with a long cycle have some insight for me ? First month ttc I believe I have pcos or irregular periods, there are times I go 2-3 months with no period. By now I usually have sore boobs before my period. I have been kinda nauseous but iv also been taking prenatal vitamins and I heard those make you sick. Iv had slight cramps and a headache of some sort almost everyday. So not sure what’s going on.