Postnatal Vitamins- What should I take?


Hi mommas,

I gave birth to my son in November and per my OB’s recommendations, I have continued taking my prenatal vitamin (until they run out) + a Vitamin D supplement + vitamin C chewables.

I am NOT breastfeeding so everywhere I look online for postnatal vitamin information, it’s mainly geared towards milk supply.

My prenatal vitamins are just about gone and the Vitamin D supplement has been working well with me. Here are my questions:

1. What multivitamin do you recommend?

2. My hair is falling out 😔 I know this happens after giving birth to some women but I need something that will support healthy hair growth.

3. My energy levels could use some help

4. My skin isn’t the best since giving birth

I know I could just go to Whole Foods and buy a multivitamin, hair and skin supplement and one thing for energy but how do I know if the dosages are correct? Is it safe to take a multivitamin with Vitamin E plus a hair and skin supplement that also has vitamin E?

Thanks!! 😊