grrr someone help oof 😔

so there’s this guy and he says he loves me and calls me gorgeous all the time n stuff and i kinda think i’m in love with him BUT i previously discovered that he and his ex fucked a lot last year , (he wuz in grade 8& she wuz in 9)

and obviously she gave him satisfaction n stuff but bcoz like i’m not comfortable doin that shit atm i’m scared he’s gna drop me bcoz i don’t satisfy his needs and he’s cute af and super nice and funny and i’m always smiling and happy when i’m around him and i can’t stop acting retarded bcoz grrrr he’s just so fun and amazing, those are the upside obviously and i don’t know like even if i’m comfortable doing things with him, i’m still young and i don’t know if i’m good at anything, i don’t even know what i’m saying now reeeee but like i just don’t want to be pressured into doing something i don’t want to or even if i do it what if he spreads rumors n shit n says i smell n stuff like that like bruh tf is happening , i just don’t wna lose him 😔 and i just have no idea what to do , like i’m not his ex and he’s gna expect things from me that i don’t think i can give him and it’s a problem bcoz j just wna make him happy. oof if anyone knows what i’m talkin bout can u like jus tell me wut i should do or sumn or if i’m overthinking this , im probably overthinking this💀 but i jus wna be safe and be open to ideas coz like i don’t even know what is going on with our relationship like what even