She made it

Expecting My 🌈

I was due February 27th I had been having preterm labor since 20 weeks!i finally Made it to 35 weeks and 5 days when I woke up on January 28th with some contractions and feeling a lot of pressure but I thought I was constipated so I went to the bathroom and started pushing thinking to myself I’m really stopped up today😂I sat on the couch and my contractions were coming every three minutes so I gave my doctor a call because I was supposed to have my steroid shots for her lungs because we suspected she would come around 37 weeks.I explained to my doctor I feel the need to push and I’m having contractions she told me pack my bags now and come straight to the hospital to hurry up and get the shot because she was pretty sure I was in labor.My fiancé was in bed sleep and I still wasn’t convinced I was in labor so I told him I was heading to the doctor to check on the baby and I’ll give him a ring if anything happens.Me and my sister made it to the hospital and I got hooked up to the monitors by this time I was contracting every 1-2 minutes apart!My doctor had me admitted and because I have had surgery for ectopic pregnancy last year she didn’t feel it was safe for me to deliver vaginal.We tried to stop the contractions but after 2 hours of being in pain and I kept dilating my doctor came in and said baby girl wants out but only thing is you have to get a C-section because I’m scared you are going to rupture ! I called my fiancé crying and telling him to get here we are about to have the baby in another hour!He finally made it and got suited up and I was prepped for delivery all I remember is telling my doctor to do everything she had to do get my baby girl out alive! January 28th at 7:30 P.m she was born but was premature we spent five days in the nicu and was released she weighed 5 pounds and one ounce and was having trouble breathing on her own and wouldn’t eat so she was on breathing and feeding tubes she lost a pound and is now weighing a little under her birth weight! But we are home and she is healthy as can be and is eating so well and her lungs are amazingly loud and strong😂I am so grateful because after I lost my baby in 2016 the doctor said don’t expect to get pregnant again because my remaining tube was in poor condition and I ended up pregnant than he said don’t expect it to be a viable pregnancy because he was pretty it was in my tube!Here we are with the same baby the doctor told me I will never have or conceive and though this was one of my most stressful pregnancies I ever had I am crying tears of JOY my baby girl beat the statistics and stayed with me ! If you made it this far I would like you to meet Zy’Tia Gisselle Marie Spradley