I really think I need to get rid of my dog.


Every time I’m pregnant I really develop a hatred for my English bull dog. His farts are constant, they fill a room, they linger, they’re lethal, they’re potent. It’s literally bad enough to the point he is good for nothing and I want him GONE 🤢😒

Edit to add: I’m not actually getting rid of him. But it’s a really nice thought, that’s how constant and bad his farts are. If you have a dog with gut issues then maybe you feel my pain, every time he farts it smells like your nose is directly in a fresh steamy turd pile. It lingers, it’s noxious, and it’s constant multiple times in an hour. The only escape is to be in a different room but the jerk follows me around everywhere and it’s too cold to put him in the garage or on the porch or outside for any amount of time to get away from it.