Should I wait to make my D&C decision

Kirsten • Trying to conceive after miscarrying our first pregnancy.

Today I went for my 8 week ultrasound. The fetal pole was 5mm with no heartbeat. When I went at 6 weeks, there wasn’t an embryo at all. Since then, it’s grown to the 5mm, my sac is growing and my hcg levels are growing. The Dr wants me to come back in 10 days to finalize the outcome but he said it’s not looking optimistic. I have some health issues that give me some risks if I miscarry, so I’m wondering if I should book in to get it done and over with, or if anyone has actually been in the same boat, saw progress and went onto have a viable pregnancy. Thank you so much for your feedback. The radiologist was lovely, but a bit confused. I’m wondering if he is getting me to hang on for no reason?