Pregnant with Bronchitis

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HELP! I was diagnosed with Bronchitis over a month ago, closer to 6 weeks. I was given a Z-Pack, when that didn’t help I was given Cefdinir (Ceftin). Well here we are - month later and I am STILL coughing severely. My OB keeps telling me “the cough can last for weeks” but at 17 weeks pregnant, there is only so much I can do. I have been taking Mucinex, Robotussin, using an albuterol inhaler, every single day MULTIPLE times a day since 11 weeks pregnant. The nurse keeps assuring me that these medications are approved and are ok during pregnancy, but for how long!? I have been taking cough medicine multiple times a day for WEEKS! With no relief I might add..nothing and I mean NOTHING works for this cough. Anyone been super sick before during pregnancy? Or have any tips on coughing that do not include hot lemon water with lemon or honey, or pineapple juice, or hot me, I have tried it ALL. Thanks in advance!