Big baby.. may induce.


Dr. had me come in today for another ultrasound to check his size. Baby is now estimated to be 9lbs 4oz. At 38 w 2d.

Still not dilated, only 50% effaced still & he is super high.

He stirred things up really good, & I have to go back in the morning

Dr is concerned that if he induced me now, it may be a long induction that has the potential to be a c-sec. or if he waits until next week, he might be too big & still need a c-section.

I have quite a lot of fluid still.

Belly measuring 41 weeks.

He’s hoping he is just high up for no reason still, instead of high up cause he can’t go into the pelvis because of size.

Hopefully I’ll have some sort of change in the morning when I go back..

anyone have a similar situation & what did you do??