What do i do

So I had gotten a puppy like weeks ago, and she was an inside puppy, until I had found ticks on her, and since then she has been an outside dog. But she’s always inside her cage, and I hate it. She’s always inside her cage because she has so much more ticks. And the ticks are really big, and she has at least 6 of them. And I really don’t want to be those kind of people that just abandon their dogs that don’t play with them and just leave them by themselves all the time. Because she was in the front of my house but she’s been attracting more ticks so we had to put her in the back of my house, and the in the back is dark. I just really don’t want to abandon her. So if anybody can just tell me what I need to do to get her to be a non tick and flea dog so she can be an inside dog. And please tell me if I need to take her to the vet. Please please please comment something.

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