bedtime routine.

what is your nightly routine? what time do you put baby to bed and how long do they sleep. I am losing it!! my LO is 7mo and still not sleeping through the night. he wakes up every 3hours like clockwork. he slept in our room until 6mo bc I knew I'd be too tired to go back and forth and dr told us to put him in his room and let him cry it out and he would be good within 4days. it took like 1 day and he put himself to sleep and slept 8hrs. by the 3rd night he slept 9hrs! I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. but it only lasted like 2weeks and now it's back to every 3hrs. no matter what I do, feed, bathe, play, bed. bathe, feed, bed. cut day naps. nothing works. i log everything so even if i follow those days where he slept 8-9hrs, it still doesnt work. I dont mind letting him cry but our living quarters are VERY close and I feel bad for our neighbors so I cant let him cry it out for too long. I feel like this will never stop. on really bad days when I'm exhausted, he ends up in the bed with us no matter how hard not to fold. sometimes that's the only way to get any sleep. help me!!