My story! Being a rape victim of 6-7 years

Heyy, sorry guys in advanced but this is going to be a longggg post. But I wanted to share with you my story and the experiences I’ve been through to try and prevent it from happening to other people 😩

Being a victim of rape started around the age of 8-9, and at that age I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t understand that it was wrong... my nan basically re-married to a different man (who became my step-grandad) but not once did I ever class him as family 🤮 just thinking back to what happened make me sick!!!

One day after school my mom and nan went shopping and this man asked me to stay with him and at that point I did because I actually liked him...that’s when things got strange and nasty 😭 he would black mail me make me write things that he could use to black mail in the near future, to make sure I was fully trapped with him. He then began to manipulate me, abuse me mentally and all started off with little things like a little touch here and then but soon things escalated and before I knew it I was involved in all kinds of different sexual intercourse 😭 I tried to get out of the situations but he would also make things out to be my fault and say I’d be in the wrong if I told anyone. I was too young to know different so I went along with what he said...things like this went on for the next 6-7 years. I never told anyone what had happened, never once thought of telling my family, I learnt to deal with all the shit on my own 😭😩 the only reason all things stopped was because he died and never had I ever felt so free, I finally had my life back. I have never felt so happy... like yes he left me with anxiety and other disorders and still continues to ruin my life when tho he’s not around but I’ve finally found someone who truly loves me for me... respects me as a person and never takes advantage of me and I’ve never been happier 😍❤️

So girls if you are ever put into a situation like this and feel trapped in any way, don’t ever believe it’s your fault, don’t ever think there is no way out...because there is you just need the courage (that I didn’t have) to stand up and express your experiences even if it is with someone anonymous because talking to people will help 🙏