Pre eclampsia


So, last week I noticed when I changed position or bent over I would see stars in my vision. I talked to my midwife about it and she said it sounded like I had low blood pressure and to let her know if it happened without a position change or is accompanied with swelling in my face/hands, severe headache or high blood pressure... It had been about a week since I saw any but Today I saw stars twice. the first time I bent over and saw them so I figured that was still normal. The second time It happened I had my head turned downward and when I brought my head up I saw stars again.. Is turning my head considered a “position change”? I have an appointment next week and I will bring it up to my midwife again. But does this sound like pre eclampsia? No swelling, no headache, no nausea. I don’t want it to go undiagnosed. Please give me any information you have on preeclampsia. If you had preeclampsia, did you have the stars in your vision without swelling etc? I don’t know if I need to contact my midwife again or if I’m just being paranoid.