Back with my ex and everything is better and hotter than ever!!!

Bethany • Bethany Mommy to a little girl 💕 Engaged 💍🥰 •confidently lost•

So I’m back with my ex who is my daughters father. And honestly, I don’t regret one thing!! He’s changed and he’s so helpful!!! He loves me for me and everything is so simple 💕

On another note, the sex is even better this time!!!

We used to just fuck, and now he likes to make love to me 😍 and it just turns me on so much when he touches me and grasps my rib cage and just everything he does is so hot!!! I’m on my period, and last night I sucked his soul out. And the look on his face when he was cumming in my mouth was so so hot!!! I just wanted to do it to him over and over again 🔥😜💦