Period or miscarriage please help

Last night my boyfriend had me bent over the hood of his car, pounding the hell out of me. I went inside cleaned up an went back out to the garage. We were bullshitting for a few an then went inside. As I was walking down the hallway to the kitchen it felt almost like I pissed myself if I sneeze so i go to the bathroom to clean myself. Pull down my pants and its bright red blood everywhere. Then in the center it's what appears to be a blood clot but I looked at it further an normally it's like just smoth but this one had some shape to it an wasnt just dark red it was like that an a lighter color. I brought this up to my mom she said it could of been a miscarriage an that I just didnt know I was pregnant. What do you think also let me include that I have been spotting when I whipe. And that my period is late.