I hate it so much when women say to you “you don’t need this, you don’t need that” “why you getting that for?” ITS MY BABY ILL GET WHAT I WANT!!

Does this bother anyone else? Like I understand your just letting me know I don’t need all this stuff but I want it so I will get it! I don’t care if u didn’t buy your baby a cot untill they was 6 months old or if u didn’t bug your baby shoes untill she could walk! I don’t care!!! Just mind your own damn business!!

And on another note......

My partners mum has had 5 babies now, he is the oldest. He keeps telling me stupid things like “you cant do that with a baby, you need to do it like this” and then it would be the same thing as I was showing or telling him. He thinks he knows everything about babies and it’s really starting to piss me off!!

Sorry for the rant guys, just needed to let it out!😩😓