Would this even hold up in court?

I was talking to a guy and found out that he had a girlfriend. I sent her screenshots of him saying that I was his girlfriend and of him attempting to hook up with another girl. The girl got mad at me for some reason and called the police and tried to say I was harassing her. All I did was send screenshots which consisted of TWO messages. It was not like she told me not to contact her but I continued to message her, just sent the screenshots and went on about my business but now they’re both trying to say I was harassing them. The guy said that the police took it seriously but I think he was lying and just trying to scare me. This happened about a year ago but I was just wondering because now he’s trying to say I was trying to get in contact with her on other social media platforms which I mean her calling the police on me makes her look and sound like an idiot so why would I waste my time continuing to get in contact with her?