Surgery #4 is calling and I try to keep smiling


It was discovered that I have endo in 2016 during a laparatomy where one of my ovaries where removed due to a dermoid cyst that had taken over.

Since then I've had 2 laproscopic surgeries for endo, medically treated 2 potential risks and now I have to prepare for another surgery ...

I'm only 22 and this is emotionally draining ... The pain is unbearable and the periods are torture at times

But I keep believing. Unfortunately endo is something I have to live with , I've accepted that but I don't believe it will stop me from achieving the dreams that the little girl in me had for the woman I'm becoming ..

I'll be a mother, I'll be a partner who can satisfy her husband (even though some days are hard), I love my body with my scars, I embrace my journey ...

Endo took a bit from me , my weight suffered due to the pills and surgery

But it didn't touch my smile

My belief in myself and the world

So I guess it's a testimony, that endo can not define us... No matter what the statistics say, it's just part of our design and we choose to make the best of a difficult situation 🌹🌹

Hope you all find your ray of hope 🙏🏽