Low testosterone in Husband??

Just curious if anyone has gone through this. My husband is still young, he is 25. For about a year now I have noticed things changing sex wise. I just started to think he didn’t want me. Well he recently just told me how he has been to the doctor because he could tell things were different down there. They told him his testosterone was low and they gave him some meds but they made him have crazy mood swings so he has made another appointment to be checked out. He says the best way to describe it is that he doesn’t want sex. He doesn’t have that desire, and doesn’t get that tingly feeling anymore like you normally would when you get horny. He also doesn’t have the desire to really hold hands, cuddle, or kiss which I’m guessing goes along with everything. He said it’s not that it’s numb, he just doesn’t get that feeling anymore and said it’s difficult for him to stay hard/get hard. Would all of this really be because of low testosterone?! And could raising it higher help all of this? If anyone has went through this, let me know what your husband is on! Thank you