Something happy


I see a lot of boy problems so I just thought maybe I’d share my baby and our story🤷🏻‍♀️😊

On Valentine’s Day it will be 1 year and 4 months with him!!😊 It is never a dull day with this dude, from the first time we talked on the phone the last weekend when we both gave each other the worst cold EVER he always make me laugh. No matter what we are doing we are doing it with a smile. Don’t get me wrong we get mad, fight and about 90% of the time I really just want to fight his big ass 😂 but there’s no one in the world that I’d trade him for. This August he is leaving for the army and I’m very scared and sad but also so proud of him. I remember one night we were sharing our dreams, our hopes and wishes and we started talking about what would happen when he leaves and I go on to college. I started crying and he just grabs my face and said “ baby it’s going to be fine, we will be fine. I promise, now please stop crying” even in tears he makes me laugh. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I hope that everyone has the chance in their life to meet someone that doesn’t complete you but only adds to your existing love and happiness. He makes me better not whole, he makes me see what I can’t, he makes me dream harder and chase faster. With all my heart I love that kid ❤️ I hope we could help one of you see there’s light and hope but most of all there is true, pure love 😊