E-mails to my baby ... trying to stay sane while TTC


Hi all, I thought I would share a self therapy idea I found online and that I implemented myself. TTC is emotionally challenging and overwhelming at times. If it is especially difficult, I write e-mails to my baby. :-)

This is how it works: set a up an e-mail address (whatever freemail you prefer) and write e-mail from your mail to this new address.

I send letters to my unborn baby (I am not pregnant just yet). Telling him that we cannot wait to meet him and what is going on in our lives and talking about our journey to get to him.

It may sound silly, but it helps to get those feelings out. And it works like a diary of sorts as well.

I believe 2019 is our year ladies. I am gratefull for it already. I wish us all happy and helthy pregnancies and safe deliveries of our little angels.