Yesterday I had some spotting, just some old blood (been having bleeding throughout this pregnancy and we found out I have placenta previa which is what’s causing the bleeding). But I started having contractions consistently yesterday afternoon. I was admitted into the ob floor for monitoring, they don’t think it’s labor, my cervix is unchanged. I’m only 22 weeks and they said even if I did go into labor there’s nothing they can do to stop it and it’s too early for our little girl to survive outside. But they don’t know what’s causing the contractions. I’ve been receiving fluids and they checked my urine. No answer. So they’re planning on sending me home today with a more specific note for work to remain light duty and listing things I can and cannot do. The doctor doesn’t want to do full bed rest because he thinks I’ll be miserable and the risks for blood clots. But at this point I’m terrified to work or do anything other than sit or walk to the bathroom. This has really scared me and I have two children already, but have never been through something like this. My husband is scared and so stressed out and doesn’t know what he can do to help, if anything. I’m just at a loss.