My turn🤰🏼

Sierra • Ftm💕 2/9/19

I absolutely loved reading birth stories while I was pregnant so I figure I’d share my own experience❤️❤️

So my Baby’s due date was February 8th 2019, but she was too snug in there so we scheduled an eviction notice for February 8th to get things rolling, (momma was done being pregnant as well at this point lol). So we schedule it for 7 PM on the 8th, i get there, it’s going smooth they hook me up to all the machines and checked my cervix and I was sitting at a 1 1/2 about 20% effaced on my own, so they started me on misoprostol, (if you don’t know they insert it in next to your cervix you can also take it orally but we wanted to get this ball rolling so We inserted it into my cervix.) and they would insert it about every 4 hours. It’s a teeny tiny pill you can barely even see it lol. Anyway, that’s doing it’s job ripening my cervix and causing dilation, so finally 8 am rolls around and they check my cervix and I’m sitting at a 3 about 50-60 ish effaced. Awesome. Mind you, I wanted to do this birth as naturally as I could, besides the Induction so I was set on no epidural lol. Riiiight. Jokes lol. I’m not progressing like they want me to be so my doctor comes in and gives me the option to 1) start pitocin to see if that’ll start the process or 2) break my water and see if that helps the ball roll. Pitocin was still on the table of course regardless so I chose to have her manually break my water and boy did that get it started 😂 (she broke it around 10 am). I made it to 5-6 cm dilated before I was begging for the epidural, yelling and swearing lol they did it quick no problems. Kudos to the natural mommas cause that is not me 😂 I thought maybe I could but nope! lol. Anyway I’m relaxing not feeling a thing until around 1 and I take a nap trying to make up for the previous shit night of sleep lol. I wake up around 2-2:30pm for them to check me to see how far I’ve dilated and to my surprise I didn’t dilate at all. I guess the epidural slowed things down a lot. But I couldn’t even feel my legs they were just weights really lol I felt like a doll really lol. So they Let me go a bit longer and check me again see I’m still at a 5 so we start me on pitocin around 4-4:30 and everything is fine until about 5:30 and I felt every little thing the contractions are so intense I can’t focus on anything else but that and I’m crying and sweating girl I was a MESS. And Evil lol I’m swearing at everyone telling everyone to back tf off and don’t touch me lol my Boyfriend and my mother were troopers through it all😂 anyway they’re checking me and I went from a 5 to a full blown 10 in 1 hour! Crazy lol so we get the anesthesia team back in there to up my dosage and of course it doesn’t help so they give me ANOTHER dosage and that one helped, but too much made my blood pressure drop I’m seeing stars trying not to pass out and puke yeah not fun 😂 but they get me back to a normal heart rate with medication and I’m feeling the pressure but no pain so we decide to let my body do the hard work and contraction and bring baby down for me so I don’t waste energy on pushing to get her in the position. At 7:30 I’m feeling the pressure bad like mom gotta poop girl😂 so we start “practice pushing” and that practice pushing turned into real pushing real quick and I had my baby out in 45 mins. They were surprised since I’m a first time mom too lol, they expected me to push for 3 hours !! Nope not me . But nothing too major have a 2nd degree tear but I guess it tore in like a star shape? Lol so I got a lot of stitches. But regardless, my beautiful little girl is finally here!! She came out so calm and content she didn’t even cry! Just laid there on my chest for skin to skin just looking at me smiling. I got so emotional about it I couldn’t stop crying. She’s so content and peaceful. She has barely cried at all. If she does it’s just one cry to get attention lol. I love her so much already. She’s truly perfect to me.

Elliana Lynn❤️

Born at 8:15PM 2/9/19

Weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce

20 inches long

And with a 14cm circumference head 😬

She got her head from her daddy lol.