How do you take care of YOUR baby...?

amarie • E.🐘 | 21.✨ | ♏️

My SO family is full blooded Puerto Rican straight from Puerto Rico. I’m Portuguese and white.. I’m more Americanized.. anyways, since having my daughter everyone in his family try’s to tell me how to raise my daughter with THEIR cultural beliefs. (She’s a month let’s keep this in mind.) his mom says “wash her every night. She has hiccups cause her heads cold, she whimpers in her sleep because you were stressed while pregnant, her cradle cap will get her sick if you don’t wash her every night and rub it off.” I’m sick & tired of this shit... especially the washing her every night!! SHES MY DAUGHTER.. I DONT AND WILL NOT WASH HER EVERYNIGHT!! His mom said this again about our baby needing a shower everyday that the dr is a pig for saying she doesn’t and don’t give a Portuguese shower to the baby when I’m Portuguese... mad annoying just needed to rant