The best husband**Update below**

LaSeana â€ĸ Philippians 14:3 God is good. Wife and mother of 3 💝💝đŸ‘ŧ

Aunt Flo decided to visit this week. ☚ī¸đŸ’” We have been trying since I had my IUD removed in August 2018. Last night before my shower I noticed some spotting. This is typical for me when I am beginning my period. So I knew I wasn't pregnant. This was very devastating to me, so I began to cry quietly to myself. My husband came in the room because the Holy Spirit led him to me. He noticed that I was upset. I told him what was wrong. He said "my tears are your tears". "Please don't hide your emotions". "I am here for you". We began to pray. I immediately felt better. He feels good to have a Godly husband whom is very understanding and gentle.. Praise God for 10 years of marriage. Praise God for a praying husband.

***Update*** I am pregnant. We are due in Dec. Hubby, daughters and I are really excited. Praying for a boy but we will love whatever God blesses us with. Prayer works. Please don't get discouraged.


Unfortunately we loss the baby on May 31st 2019. I was 11 weeks. I hope that God blesses us with another beautiful baby.