I don’t feel like I can be excited

This may be a little long but I just need advice or maybe some experience from someone else. I didn’t know where else to go to post this.

So I am 27 years old and in a committed relationship, but not married. We recently found out I was pregnant and now all that has been on my mind is having to tell my parents. I know they are going to be so disappointed and upset. And I really doubt they will be happy at all. They aren’t a big fan of kids before marriage but the main reason is I’m just going to be lectured about how hard it is going to be. And I completely understand that. But I don’t want to feel like I have to hate my whole pregnancy and feel like I can’t look forward to the baby because I’m just being told how hard, etc. that it’s going to be the entire time.

But this is where I’m just torn with how to feel...

I moved out when I was 20. I had a great career already, paid all of my bills, saved some, and just overall was in a good place. But only for a little while. Because unfortunately I found myself in an abusive relationship with a narcissist and manipulator just a couple years later. It completely ruined everything I had started to build for myself and most of all it ruined who i was as a person and the confidence I had in myself. Because of the situation I was in I ended up getting evicted from my house and my parents let me move back home. I was actually relieved just because it was finally the chance I needed to get away from this toxic person.

Now fast forward a few years later and I have a job where I make decent, I’m happier and healthier than I have been in a long time. And my boyfriend is someone that loves and supports me unconditionally. We have talked about marriage even before finding out I was pregnant and we have been saving for a place together for a few months already. But my parents are just always telling me to save, save, save and don’t rush moving back out. And I completely understand what they mean. I’ve been on my own and I know it’s hard at times. They just love me and want me to have the best start that I can when I move back out. And I am forever grateful for how loving and giving they are. I couldn’t have done what I have done without the support they have given me.

But I’m 27..and I have had a place of my own before so I know how much I loved having the space and even the responsibility. I’ve always done better for myself when I have responsibilities. I almost feel like my parents do so much for me that they even worry for me. So I just feel kind of “not needed” I guess. Idk if that’s the right phrase. But I just need my own space again and I need them to make me feel like I CAN do it. I basically feel like no matter how “ready” I get, it won’t be ready enough in their eyes. So now I’m just terrified of telling them I’m pregnant because it’s just going to be a huge disappointment to them. Idk what to do.