TTgettingC with baby #2 currently have a 19 week old, getting Nexplanon removed need advice..


I’ve had the Nexplanon put in my arm on dec 28th but I hate it. Didn’t actually get a PP period until 3 weeks after getting the birth control put in since having my son September 29th and the period has lasted until just the other day so almost 3 week long period. So I’m not sure if getting my period that long had to do with the pregnancy or the birth control but I didn’t like it.

Anyways, my son is 19weeks and I’m getting the birth control removed on March 1st because my husband and I wanted to try for baby #2 (we wanted to have them close in age) and I was wondering if any second time moms had any experience with the Nexplanon or getting pregnant 4-6 months after giving birth with their first child.

It took me 5 months to conceive first time around but we didn’t really have sex often.

Any advice?

(Please no unwanted opinions)